Building the New Richmond Highway Bus System

Artist rendering of future Beacon Groveton area.

Richmond Highway will be undergoing a significant transformation, including the introduction of bus rapid transit. The future bus rapid transit system will run primarily in the median from the Huntington Metro Station to Fort Belvoir.

The revised land-use plan also calls for concentrating more mixed-use development, especially residential, within a half mile around the nine bus stations.

So what’s next? Two new videos help further explain what’s on tap:


How Will Bus Rapid Transit Work?

The system is planned to extend approximately 8.6 miles along Richmond Highway and North Kings Highway from Fort Belvoir to the Huntington Metrorail Station. Phase I of the project extends 0.7 miles along North Kings Highway from the Huntington Metrorail Station to Richmond Highway, and along Richmond Highway for 2.4 miles to Hybla Valley. Phase II extends 5.5 miles from Hybla Valley to Fort Belvoir. It is currently anticipated that the environmental analyses and preliminary design will be completed by the end of 2019.

This video explains how traffic, bikes, pedestrians and buses would work on the road:


Richmond Highway Bud Rapid Transit Kickoff Meeting

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