College Bound? Register to Vote Before You Leave

college student registering to vote

College bound students (must be 18 or older) in Fairfax County are encouraged to register to vote before you leave for campus. It’s convenient and easy!

Then, as soon as you find out your school address, you can request an application to vote absentee for the Nov. 3 election:

Print an absentee application form and make sure you follow the directions carefully. It is important that you sign the application!

There are three ways to send us your application:

  • Mail the Application to the Office of Elections, Box 10161, Fairfax, VA 22038
  • Fax the Application to Office of Elections at 703-324-3725
  • Scan the application and email the pdf to absenteeballot@fairfaxcounty.go

For more information about voting absentee by mail,  visit the Virginia Department of Elections website

Check Your Voter Registration


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