Consider Becoming a Foster Parent; Help a Child in Need

Adult and child hands holding red heart.

Every child needs a safe and nurturing home. There are more than 200 children living in foster homes in our county and we need more foster parents especially for older youth (ages 9+), children with special needs and siblings.

Foster care is a temporary home for a child because of abuse, neglect or other circumstances that put the child at risk. During this time, family problems are addressed so that the child can return home safely or plans are made to find a safe and nurturing home for the child outside their birth family.

“The most rewarding part of this journey is the love the kids give back.” Fairfax County Foster Parent


Three things to know if you have thought about becoming a foster parent:

1. Eligibility 

Many of us are eligible to become foster parents:

  • You can be a foster parent even if you don’t own your home. Renters are eligible to be foster parents.
  • Foster parents can be as young as 18.
  • No matter your marital status, you can be a foster parent to a child in need. Single, divorced and married residents (including LGBQT couples) are eligible.


2. Attend an Information Meeting

If you have thought about becoming a foster parent, we encourage you to take the next step and attend one of our monthly meetings to ask questions and get information. Information is also available in Spanish.

You can also call us at 703-324-7639; TTY: 703-222-9452.

Get Meeting Dates and Locations



3. Support and Resources

The county provides extensive resources to help you and the child in your care:

    • Ongoing training
    • Supportive services, including workshops and social events
    • Financial assistance
    • Counseling
    • Childcare
    • Reimbursement for room and board, clothing and related expenses
    • Medical and dental care for the children through Medicare or other sources
      • daycare
      • respite care
      • summer camp
      • school fees and trips
      • other recreational activities (examples are music or dance lessons)


Ready To Take The Next Step? 

Listen to what our foster parents have to say about their experiences, as well as more information from our staff:


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