Container Store Move Signals Future of Western Tysons

tysons west rendering



In a sign that Tysons West may be organizing for its next phase of development, the Container Store will be a future tenant in what the developers anticipate to be their next building.

The store will be decamping from its current location in a suburban shopping center along Leesburg Pike. Its new home puts it near the Silver Line’s Spring Hill station, which is set to welcome thousands of future residents planned for this area.

The retailer geared towards neatniks will go into the ground floor of a mixed use, midrise to face Leesburg Pike near the Dulles Toll Road. The site plans have been approved for this six-story building that includes other ground level shops with up to 400 apartments above. The relocation was revealed from a signage plan recently approved for the overall development, including leasing signs for the apartment. The timeline of actual building construction is up to the developers.

The move can also be read as a symbolic one. It signals the emerging urban future for this western district of Tysons that’s dominated by car dealerships, suburban shopping centers and industrial uses today.

The store’s new location places it in the middle of more than 4,000 apartments approved so far within a quarter mile from the Spring Hill Station. This includes the almost 670 apartments planned as part of Tysons West and the more than 3,000 that make up the massive 7.6 million square foot Spring Hill development.

tysons west master plan


The First New Buildings of Tysons West

The first of Spring Hill’s residential buildings was completed in 2014. Called the Ascent, the 26-story high rise offers 404 luxury apartments across from the Metro station. Another apartment is under construction now, the 34-story, 400-unit Elan Tysons West.


The Container Store’s move also helps bring to life the vision in the Tysons land use plan. It calls for the streets adjacent to the Spring Hill station to be retail focused, drawing people off the rail line into the new residential neighborhoods.


Tysons West’s other retail offerings, including the urban-style Walmart, are fulfilling this vision, along with the future Container Store. Ultimately, this district in Tysons is imagined as an arts and entertainment center with cafes, art galleries, small theaters, and shops.



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