County Conversation: Winter Preparedness Tips

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On the most recent edition of the “County Conversation” podcast, Seamus Mooney, coordinator of emergency management, talked about winter weather preparedness and New Year’s emergency preparedness resolutions to help you be ready for whatever may happen in 2017.

He stressed three simple steps everyone can take to be ready for any type of hazard – have a plan, make a kit and stay informed.

“Especially here in the mid-Atlantic, we get winter storms, but not like what they get to the north of us,” said Mooney. “On the natural hazard side people can get complacent because they think it’s just not going to happen here, but truthfully, it doesn’t take a big event to cause a big impact for an individual.”

Now that we’ve had our first (minor!) snowfall of 2017, what can we do to be prepared for snow? Mooney recommends that you start at home.

“Preparedness is one step at a time,” Mooney noted. “Start with that initial conversation with your family, identify any special needs and think about how any event can impact you and your family.”

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More About the Office of Emergency Management

Our Office of Emergency Management is staffed with professionals who prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies in our community. What is life like in the office? Check out this mannequin challenge video to get a sense of their responsibility and yours — preparing for emergencies is up to everyone!

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