Fairfax Symphony Premieres New Composition Commemorating County’s 275th Anniversary

FSO Musical Composition

Updated Sept. 21, 2017

The Fairfax Symphony Orchestra premiered a new composition on Saturday, Sept. 16, that was commissioned to mark our county’s 275th anniversary.

Listen to “Resolutions”


The Story Behind the Music

To celebrate in the county’s anniversary and mark the symphony’s own founding, Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova commissioned the new work titled “Resolutions.” Mark Camphouse, a George Mason University faculty composer, wrote the seven-minute piece.

“We are delighted to open our season with the world premiere of Professor Camphouse’s new work in honor of the FSO’s 60 years and in celebration of our great county’s 275th anniversary.”Jonathan Kerr, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra executive director


FSO with Chairman Bulova

(left to right:) Jim McKeever, composer Mark Camphouse at the piano, Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova, Maestro Chris Zimmerman.


Why the Name “Resolutions?”

According to Camphouse, he gave his new work, “Resolutions,” a title with a “very intentional double meaning relating to both musical resolutions (harmonic dissonance resolving to consonance) and political resolutions containing fundamental American principles of human freedom found in the influential Fairfax Resolves,” which were written in 1774 by Fairfax County resident George Mason.

Mason’s document was a declaration of fundamental constitutional rights and protest against Britain’s anti-American actions. His friend and neighbor, George Washington, introduced the Fairfax Resolves into the House of Burgesses in July 1774.

The new work was performed by the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra under the direction of music director Christopher Zimmerman.


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