Filing Federal Taxes? Get Your Local Tax Info From MyFairfax Portal

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We’ve all done it. You begin working on your federal and state taxes forms and realize you forgot where you left your car tax receipt or the notice from your mortgage company with your real estate tax amount.

With the April 18 Federal Income Tax deadline drawing near, there is a way to simplify your annual tax preparation. Instead of looking for those elusive pieces of paper, you can access personal property (car), real estate and even business tax information online via our new secure web portal called MyFairfax.

Visit MyFairfax Portal


MyFairfax is an ongoing customer service initiative to provide you with faster and easier access to county information in a secure environment. In addition to getting your tax payment information, you can use your MyFairfax account to:

  • View/Pay tax bills online
  • Change your mailing address
  • View your online tax bill and payment history
  • Perform vehicle registrations and updates

Here is an example of what the Real Estate Tax page looks like:

Screen shot example of what the real estate tax page looks like on MyFairfax portal.

Signing Up for MyFairfax is Easy

To get started, you will need:

  • Personal property (car) taxes: DMV Customer ID and the last four digits of your vehicle’s VIN number.
  • Real estate taxes: Your property’s map reference number and your web control number. These can be found in your Notice of Assessment Change that you received in the beginning of the year, or by calling DTA at 703-222-8234 (TTY 711).
Need Help?

Email MyFairfax Help for questions about logging in or signing up for the web portal. For other questions about your tax information, call DTA at 703-222-8234 (TTY 711).

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