First Office Building for Tysons Central Development Grows in Height

streetview of new tysons building

Under the plan to remake Tysons, the tallest buildings—up to 400 feet—should be located closest to the Silver Line stations.

Last week, the Board of Supervisors approved changes to a future office building next to the Greensboro Metro station to raise its stature by 65 feet or up to 27 stories.

Located at the highest natural elevation in the county, this building will help to shape the look of the future skyline for Tysons.

The 400,000 square foot office is one of the six buildings that make up the Tysons Central development. Originally approved in 2013, the overall project will bring up to two million square feet of office, residential, retail hotel space next to the Greensboro station.

The board’s action also allowed for other minor changes to the office, known as building A. It decreases the total amount of retail space previously approved by 35,000 square, converting this to office space instead.

The future building will be located on a 1.1-acre site north of Leesburg Pike, just steps away from the Greensboro station’s escalators. Today, two retail buildings occupy the site, including a Men’s Warehouse and Big Screen Store.

The building also includes construction of three of the six public parks planned for Tysons Central. The three parks includes a half-acre plaza that connects to the escalators for the Greensboro station, and more than quarter acre sky park.

The plaza will include seating, landscaping, bike racks, and public art. The elevated sky park, which will be located on the roof of the ground-floor retail, will connect to the plaza via a grand staircase. This staircase will be built so that it provides amphitheater style seating for performances or events on the plaza.

Developer Folger Pratt say they anticipate starting construction on the office building in 2018. It will join the Lumen, a 32-story, 398-unit apartment building, that broke ground last November on site next to the future office.

Lumen Tysons rendering

Rendering of the Lumen building in Tysons.


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