Food Trucks May Now Legally Sell From Selected Streets in Tysons


If you’re hungry for a fast Turkish kabob, Caribbean jerk chicken sandwich or Venezuelan arepa, you’re in luck if you work or live in Tysons.

Food trucks can now legally dish out meals from selected streets in this growing urban center. The Board of Supervisors recently approved new rules that allow these trucks to make roadside sales in designated zones.

In Tysons, food trucks may vend on segments of:

  • Boone Boulevard
  • Howard Avenue
  • Pinnacle Drive
  • Solutions Drive
  • Watson Street

Here’s a map with the streets marked in orange:

tysons food truck map


Signs will mark the legal spots on these streets where trucks can park to sell their sweet and savory eats:

food truck sign


This ordinance opens up sales on designated public streets in commercial, industrial and planned, mixed-use areas. Residential neighborhoods are off limits, however. While Tysons is the first place sanctioned for curbside sales, we’re looking at other areas where trucks can operate, with recommendations coming this fall.

“Food trucks give entrepreneurs a great start in the food service business and bring new options right to their customers. I look forward to opening up more opportunities for trucks in Fairfax County.”Sharon Bulova, Board of Supervisors Chairman


The New Rules

Under new rules, food trucks:

  • May sell from a designated parking space marked by signage
  • May sell for up to four hours from a single location, but vending from the same block on the same day is not allowed
  • May sell between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., on Mondays to Saturdays, but they may not start before 9 a.m. on Sundays and federal holidays
  • May not set up tables or chairs or play amplified music inside or outside the truck

These new rules were adopted following a change in state law. Previously, state regulations prohibited food trucks from vending on the streets.

Current state law allows trucks to operate from public streets chosen by local governments:

  • These roads must have a speed limit of 35 mph or less
  • They must have five-foot sidewalk or greater

Trucks can continue to sell from qualified private properties like office parks or shopping center under county rules passed two years ago, as well as in select parks.


Food Safety

The Health Department will oversee the mobile food vending zones. While the zone in Tysons may be new, the department has always worked cooperatively with these vendors to ensure that food is handled safely and that the rules and regulations for mobile food vending are followed. Like any restaurant, the trucks must have a Food Establishment Permit before beginning operation and are subject to annual inspections. And trucks are required to get other licenses as well.

If you need to report a complaint or violation, then email the Health Department or call 703-246-2444, TTY 711.


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