Here’s What to Do if You Get a Parking Ticket

parking ticket on car windshield

Parking tickets – if you drive, chances are pretty good you’ve received one at some point. We all make mistakes, and sometimes they result in tickets and fines. But what should you do if you find one of these waiting on your windshield?

Start with Our Tax Department

Many make the mistake of contacting the courts to deal with their parking tickets. If you receive a ticket in Fairfax County, you must contact the Department of Tax Administration (DTA) to pay or contest the charge.

  • If you accept the charge, you can simply pay the fee online, by mail or in person at the DTA counter at the Government Center. If the fine is not paid within 21 days after the ticket is issued, a late payment fine of $25 will be added.
  • If you wish to dispute a parking ticket, you have 21 days to do so. You may call 1-866-353-0452 or visit DTA’s Parking Tickets page to set a court date in the Fairfax County General District Court. Please be aware that once you set a court date, you are no longer eligible to prepay your ticket with DTA.
Towed Vehicles

If your vehicle has been towed, you must call DTA at 703-222-8234, TTY 711 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) to secure the release of the vehicle. Before a vehicle can be released from a tow lot, all outstanding balances owed to the county must be paid.

Contesting Your Ticket in Court

After you have worked with DTA to request a court date, you will receive an affidavit in the mail. You have 10 business days to complete and return the affidavit. If it is returned in time, a court date will be scheduled and you will receive a letter with the date and time. Parking Ticket

Once a court date has been set, DTA cannot remove or adjust it so be certain you wish to contest the ticket before moving to this step.

Court dates are assigned based on officer availability. Each police officer has only one court date a month. Once you have a set court date, you will be mailed or faxed an affidavit that establishes your agreement to appear on that date to present your case. You must sign and return the affidavit before the court date will be entered in the Traffic Court’s Docket.

If you decide to prepay the ticket once a court date has been set, you must go to the Traffic Office in the General District Court, and additional fees will apply.

If you have already been assigned a court date in the Fairfax County General District Court and you need to continue your court date or need any additional information, contact the Traffic Division at 703-246-2815, TTY 711.

If you fail to appear for your assigned court date and/or are found guilty, you will be ordered to pay the fine and court costs. Failure to pay may result in your Virginia driver’s license being revoked.

Violation Photos

Parking enforcement personnel may take photos when issuing a citation. If your ticket was issued electronically and photos exist, the remarks area located at the bottom of the citation may say “THIS VIOLATION IS PHOTO TAKEN”. If this is the case, you can view photos of your reported violation online.

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