How to Get Through Flu Season? Do the Bump!

Demo showing using the elbow bump instead of shaking hands.

According to our Health Department – and what you are probably seeing in your office, school and at home – there is widespread flu activity in our county and throughout the country. This year’s flu is a particularly severe virus that everyone needs to take seriously.

So we suggest you do the bump! You got the flu shot (not too late if you haven’t!) and are washing your hands regularly, but there is more that you can do to prevent getting the flu.  Our Health Department encourages you to bump elbows instead of shaking hands, among other ways to avoid germs.


Watch: About the Flu and the Bump

Watch this Facebook Live video for important information on this year’s flu from Dr. Benjamin Schwartz (and why you should do the bump).

Your Tips: Beyond the Bump

While the flu is widespread, we know that there are also a lot you who haven’t gotten sick. What tactics are you using to try to stay healthy? Read these recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We’re also passing along practical tips and reminders we heard from our residents on social media:

  • Use a paper towel to open the door exiting a restroom.
  • Wipe the handle of the grocery cart before using.
  • Use your knuckle or elbow to push elevator buttons.
  • Get extra sleep when you can.
  • Eat a healthy diet – a lot of people are drinking tea and lots of water.
  • Use your own pen when signing in at a doctor’s or other office.
  • Avoid crowded areas when you can, including elevators.


More Info on Flu and Prevention 

Fairfax County Health Department

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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