158,289 Building Inspections and More; Meet Land Development Services

A photo of the Land Development Services staff.

With the warm weather comes the familiar sounds of birds chirping, kids playing – and saws buzzing and hammers pounding. There is a lot of construction going on in our county, from new decks to high-rise buildings. Each of these projects undergoes a plan review, permitting and inspections process by the 331 employees in our Land Development Services (LDS) Department.

“We are the gateway to economic development in Fairfax County. We strive to balance proper enforcement of codes with second-to-none customer experience, which will attract business and economic development to our area, and with it tax revenue to support our community’s needs.”Bill Hicks, director, Land Development Services


A Staff of “First Preventers”

Land Development Services’ mission is to facilitate the safe and sustainable building of our communities. The staff members are known as “first preventers” because their work provides an invisible web of protection around our buildings.

The team in Land Development Services includes:

  • Engineers review building and site plans, and there are engineers who conduct research on site code and prepare new code to be adopted.
  • Engineer techs work on plan intake and permit issuance.
  • Certified inspectors also have construction experience to be able to conduct safety inspections. They work all over the county, using laptops and phones to conduct business from their county vehicles.
  • Plan reviewers, safety analysts, training specialists, project managers, management analysts, administrative assistants are among other professionals on staff.


Impressive Numbers

The staff in Land Development Services achieved some impressive numbers during our Fiscal Year 2017 (ended June 30, 2017):

  • 158,289 building inspections.
  • 58,461 site inspections.
  • 59,768 building and trade permits (30,487 online).
  • 29,281 people served by customer support at the county’s Herrity Building.
  • 5,983 elevators in the county that LDS inspects.

Listen to recent podcast on elevator and escalator inspections:


Listen, Watch and Learn More

You heard here first – Listen to Code Talk Podcasts:

Watch: Infill development is one of Land Development Services many responsibilities that they oversee with support from many county agencies.


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