Community Emergency Response Guide Offers Tools, Templates to Help You Prepare

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Disasters happen. They don’t happen often or everywhere, but it’s best to be ready when they do. With planning and preparation, you can make a difference. You can reduce a disaster’s impact on you, your family and your community.

To help you be ready, our Office of Emergency Management has released the Community Emergency Response Guide (CERG), a new, free resource to help you plan out what to do before, during and after a variety of potential disasters and emergencies. The guide includes checklists, templates and other key information to help you prepare for more than a dozen different natural hazards, human-caused hazards and “everyday” emergencies. The CERG is available for download and can also be viewed in hard-copy at county libraries and district supervisor offices.

Download a Copy of the CERG


Why a Community Guide

The guide can help individuals and families prepare for disaster, but it also allows local communities to start a conversation. Whether you want to collaborate with your neighbors, your work colleagues, or your school and church communities, the CERG allows you to define your own network and become a local leader for preparedness.

“This guide will facilitate neighbors helping neighbors,” Braddock District Supervisor and Public Safety Committee Chair John Cook said at a press event announcing the CERG. “It doesn’t do any good if the person a block away has what you need but you don’t know about them and they don’t know about you. We’re tapping into Fairfax County’s tradition of volunteerism.”


Know Your Needs; Develop a Plan

Once you define your community, the CERG will help you identify critical needs within your own area. You will begin to identify leaders; discover functional needs of residents within your community; and recognize actions that need to be taken now before disaster strikes. Not quite sure where to begin? Then get your group together and request a workshop or presentation from county staff on the CERG and we’ll get you started.

Request a CERG Presentation/Workshop


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