New Map Shows Who Maintains Roads in Fairfax County

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Who maintains your neighborhood road? What about the roads to work or to your favorite restaurant?

Well, there are eight answers!

  1. Virginia Department of Transportation (maintains most roads)
  2. Private
  3. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
  4. Municipal (towns/cities such as Fairfax, Vienna, Herndon)
  5. Federal government
  6. Fairfax County Department of Public Works
  7. Fairfax County Park Authority
  8. Fairfax County Public Schools

Our new interactive, searchable map can now tell you who owns what road easily. If you see a pothole or other road maintenance issue, you can find who’s responsible.

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Who to Contact

Now that you’ve found who maintains the road in question, here’s who to contact:

Virginia Department of Transportation

Private Roads

  • Many private roads are maintained by businesses, apartment/condo complexes, homeowner/civic associations or residents. Contact your HOA or the business that’s responsible.

Fairfax County Department of Public Works

  • If there’s an issue on a road maintained by the county, contact 703-877-2800, TTY 711.

Fairfax County Park Authority

  • If the road is maintained by the Park Authority contact park operations at 703-324-8594.

Fairfax County Public Schools

Washington Metropolitan Airports Authority

495 / 95 Express Lanes

  • Call 1-855-495-XPRS (9777)
  • VDOT owns the Express Lanes, but a private company, Transurban, is responsible for maintenance and operations.



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