Podcast: County Executive Discusses New Year, New Board, Economic Development and Strategic Plan

County Executive Bryan Hill and podcast host Jim Person

On the latest edition of the “Connect with County Leaders” podcast, County Executive Bryan Hill discusses a variety of issues, including:

  • Working with the newly elected Board of Supervisors.
    • “We have four new board members, we’re going to help them with moving their districts forward as well as Fairfax County. We’re the premiere county, and now we have a new group that’s going to keep pushing this forward so it’s going to be interesting to see how we can put all the pieces together.”
  • Working with new Economic Development Authority president Victor Hoskins and how the county serves as the economic engine of Virginia.
    • “We’re looking to be bigger, bolder and stronger. Victor and I have a couple strategies that we’re going to unveil shortly to the Board of Supervisors as well to his board to see if they allow us to move forward in a slightly different way.”
  • Goals for the new year.
    • “One is a new board orientation onboarding session that we’re going to have in the middle of January, coupled with a group session with the School Board…then providing the board with our draft strategic plan. Once we do that, we will then roll into the budget, which will carry us all the way until June and July.”
  • An update on the strategic plan.
    • “We’ve got it to a place where we’re doing final edits right now.”
  • Funding for the FY 2021 Budget.
    • Every now and then we have to raise the tax rate to afford all the things that we believe that we need to put forward. As we speak, we are looking at our budget, and we’re looking at ways to ensure that we can live within our means.
  • One Fairfax
    • “The way I look at One Fairfax is it’s the ability to have access and opportunity for all.”
  • Protecting the environment
    • “We’re looking at new creative ways of making this a clean carbon footprint. We’re going to be looking at schools, we’re going to be looking at county buildings. We’re going to have a solar grid.”

Listen here:

All past episodes of the “Connect with County Leaders” podcasts are available online, as are other county podcasts on a variety of topics.

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