Preserve Old Photos, VHS Cassettes Free With Library’s Memory Depot

Remember back in the day, before you (or your parents) took photos and videos on a smartphone and had boxes of prints, slides and VHS cassettes?  Many of us have boxes of those family histories and memories tucked away in our basements and attics. Now is the time to pull out those dusty boxes and put your photos, videos and documents in digital format – the Library has launched the free Memory Depot at two locations, the City of Fairfax Regional Library and Sherwood Regional Library.


Preserving Memories 


Photo of VHS cassette scanner being used at the Library.

Memory Depot VHS transfer station.

The Memory Depot is a do-it-yourself (DIY) station, which enables you to digitize material, including:

  • VHS video cassettes.
  • Photographic prints, negatives and slides.
  • Scrapbooks and other documents.
  • Audio cassettes.

When you are ready to get started, you will need to bring with you:

  • The materials you want to digitize.
  • An external hard drive or a USB with capacity for your materials to be saved digitally.
  • Your library card.


Sign Up for 30-minute Orientation

We strongly recommend that you sign up for an orientation before registering for a session at the Memory Depot. Remember, it is a do-it-yourself project!

The orientations show you how the Memory Depot stations work, including the scanner station (photos and documents) and the VHS transfer station (video cassettes). While registration is for either the scanner station or the VHS transfer station, our orientations will cover all available equipment in a single session.

Orientation schedules vary by branch.

Find an Orientation


Get Started!

When you sign up to use the Memory Depot, you will be signing up to use one station at a time. You can register for a session to use either the scanner for photographs, slides, negatives and other archival documents or to use the VHS transfer station. Reservations are limited to one session per day and no more than two per week; reservations may be booked as much as 30 days ahead of time. You may reserve a session for a minimum of one hour, but no more than three hours. To reserve a session, please select the branch below:

Reserve Memory Depot at City of Fairfax Regional Library


Reserve Memory Depot at Sherwood Regional Library


More Information

If you need any assistance or have questions about the Memory Depot, contact either branch directly:

  • City of Fairfax Regional Library:  Call the Virginia Room Information Desk at 703-293-6227, ext. 6.
  • Sherwood Regional Library:  Call the library’s Information Desk at 703-765-3645, ext. 4 and ask for the Tech Lab.


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