Provide Input Into Our County’s Environmental Vision

Photo taken at Huntley Meadows Park.

We need your feedback on the Board of Supervisors’ Environmental Vision. Your input will help us to make our county more environmentally sustainable in several areas:

  • Land Use
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Waste Management
  • Parks and Ecological Resources
  • Climate and Energy
  • Environmental Stewardship

Please review the draft update to this vision (pdf), which now features a new climate and energy vision. Let us know what you think by participating in this survey by Monday, March 6.

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Your feedback will help us further refine the vision into a final draft. Survey results will be posted online after March 6.

Last summer, we gathered more than 300 written comments at public meetings and from survey responses that shaped the proposed update. As a result, the updated draft features a completely new climate and energy vision. It calls for the county to continue to:

  • Conserve and manage energy resources.
  • Improve energy efficiency in a pragmatic, cost-effective way to reduce the county’s energy consumption.
  • Implement policies, programs and operations to reduce the county’s operational greenhouse gas emissions to help contribute to the regional reduction targets.
Why Your Input Matters

Already, the county has cut its per capita greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent. The proposed new climate and energy vision affirms our commitment to further reduce emissions.

While it is not an action plan, the Environmental Vision is important because it helps to guide our environmental sustainability initiatives and programs. It is guided with these two overarching principles:

  • Conservation of our limited natural resources must be interwoven into all government decisions.
  • Provide the necessary funds and resources to protect and improve our environment for better quality of life now and for future generations.

The process to update the vision began last June, and we anticipate that the Board of Supervisors will adopt its final, updated vision later this year. The Board of Supervisors first adopted its vision in June 2004, and it was last updated in March 2007.

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