“Saturday Night in the Suburbs:” An Inside Look for Parents

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Do you want to know what really goes on with teens on Saturday nights? The Unified Prevention Coalition of Fairfax County will host two “Saturday Night in the Suburbs” programs in March beginning at 7 p.m.:

  • Woodson High School on Tuesday, March 15
  • Westfield High School on Thursday, March 17

The program will feature a panel of high school seniors who talk openly about alcohol and drug use, teen parties, social media, parent supervision and enabling, and communication with parents. Middle school and high school parents are encouraged to attend. Only adults will be admitted to the presentations.

Parents find this to be somewhat eye-opening. We will not ask the panel specific names, dates, places of events or put them on the spot — their job is not to ‘snitch’ on others but to educate parents to understand what teens are dealing with and help parents to set better limits.Jennifer Lewis-Cooper, Unified Prevention Coalition
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