The Arbor is First High Rise Condo in Tysons Following Transformation Plan

Artist rendering of the planned Arbor development in Tysons.

The newest high rise condo in Tysons will climb up to 25 stories at West Park Drive on the corner with the Jones Branch Drive extension. It will be the first to be built since Fairfax County adopted its plan to transform Tysons.

Map of the proposed Arbor condos in Tysons.

The future residential building is part of the approximately 2.6 million square foot development called Arbor Row that was approved in 2012.

The Board of Supervisors signed off on this new building, called The Arbor, on Tuesday. Developer CityLine sought approval to change its original plans for the building as a hotel to a residence. The original plans called for a 250-room, 17-story hotel with a five-level parking garage behind it.

What’s In the Project
  • The building will be refashioned as a luxury condo or apartment with up to 140 units.
  • The 202,794 square foot tower incorporates more than 6,000 feet in ground level retail, including a possible eatery with outdoor seating.
  • Most units will have private, balconies, and the building includes a 7,000-square foot landscaped terrace and courtyard with an outdoor pool.
  • Parking will be provided in The Arbor and a pocket park will replace what was to be the hotel’s garage.
  • A 16,500 square foot green space will offer a lawn, plantings and seating, plus a paved connection to the building.
Athletic Fields and Affordable Housing

The developer will contribute an estimated $79,968 toward building a full-sized athletic field in Tysons. As part of the overall Arbor Row development, CityLine dedicated an eight-acre site for two new athletic fields off Jones Branch Road that opened last year, plus restored a stream valley.

As with other major, new projects in Tysons, affordable housing will be offered. The developer will pursue providing 20 percent of its total units as affordable. In a unique strategy, they may be offered either in The Arbor or other buildings in Tysons.

As approved, at least 65 percent of the promised units will be provided onsite or offsite. For the remaining 35 percent, the developer may make a cash contribution instead. The money, which ranges from $75,000 to $85,000 per unit, will go to the county’s affordable housing trust fund for Tysons.

Tysons and Economic Success

The Arbor will join the most recently completed building that comprises Arbor Row. The Nouvelle is a 27-story luxury apartment that sits across the street from the future condo.

These kinds of developments support the county’s Strategic Economic Success Plan. It calls for or building dense, mixed-use, transit-oriented developments where people can live, work, shop and play. These urban-like projects attract and create more residents, jobs, businesses and tax revenues.

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