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parktakes fall 2015 coverThe kids are going back to school and the smell of new pencils and notebooks has you thinking that maybe you could learn something new this fall, too. Why should the kids have all the fun?  The Park Authority’s fall edition of Parktakes has dozens of classes for adults throughout the county. Here are several ideas to get you inspired:

  • Intro to River KayakingGet prepped for paddling on the Potomac. This introductory course covers river hazards, water safety and paddling basics.
  • Country & Western Line Dancing Begin I: Learn a variety of county and western line dances; for singles and couples.
  • Guitar 1: Bring your own guitar and learn to play, tune and care for it.
  • Beginner Golf Ready: This program covers grip, posture, ball position, alignment, chipping, putting and full-swing fundamentals.
  • Karate 1: Designed to teach you self defense and gain confidence.
  • Beginning Sewing 1: A sewing machine primer – learn about fabrics, patterns, grain, cutting out fabric from patterns, marking, sewing and pressing while making a basic garment.
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