Yellow Dot Program Could Save Your Life

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There’s a “golden hour” after a vehicle crash or emergency. Medical help may be required, but first responders need to know what medical conditions people might have, especially if they are unconscious or unable to talk.

placing yellow dot decal on car


The Fire and Rescue Department’s new “Yellow Dot Program” could save your life, and it is simple:

  1. Visit your local fire station for a kit.
  2. Fill out the booklet in pencil (so you can make future updates).
  3. Attach a current photo into the booklet.
  4. Place the booklet in your glove compartment.
  5. Place the yellow dot decal in the lower left of your rear windshield to alert first responders to check the glove compartment for vital medical information. Tip: place the sticker no higher than three inches from the bottom.


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