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Become a Child Care Subsidy Program Provider! 

Become a Child Care Subsidy Program Provider! Child Care Program Provider and Children

The Child Care Subsidy Program provides financial assistance to eligible families to help pay a portion of the cost of child care. Subsidy program services are child-centered, family focused and support the broader objectives of strengthening families’ goals of self-sufficiency and enrolling children in quality early childhood programs.

Child Care Providers that participate in the Child Care Subsidy Program and serve children enrolled in the program are referred to as "Subsidy Vendors” and partner with the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) and the Fairfax County Office for Children to carry out the objectives of the program.

Becoming a Subsidy Vendor creates opportunities to: 

  • Make a difference by providing child care services that allow parents to work and stay (or become) self-sufficient. 
  • Provide healthy, safe and quality environments where children spend a significant number of hours each week, which has a direct impact on their development and well-being. 
  • Receive payments for the children participating in the subsidy program through convenient and regular direct deposits to your banking account or a debit card. 
  • Use your approved Subsidy Provider status as a marketing tool to solicit and educate prospective parents. 
  • Inform families about your program with online health and safety inspection reports. 
  • Access relevant, up-to-date professional learning opportunities and resources. 

Application Process

Before applying, you are  encouraged to attend the becoming a vendor orientation. Contact Child Care Aware of Virginia at 1-866-481-1913 for enrollment information. Participants will receive technical assistance with the application process and completing the forms.

1) Submit Application Packet and Documents:

Submit Application Packet and Documents:

*Additional documents may be requested. 

2)  Subsidy Monitoring Inspection

Subsidy Monitoring Inspection
All applicants are required to undergo a subsidy monitoring inspection prior to approval and once annually, thereafter. 

3) Subsidy Vendor Approval 

Subsidy Vendor Approval 

Once the completed application packet is received along with the subsidy monitoring inspection results, an approval or denial will be provided. 
If approved, a Vendor Agreement will be sent via email for signature. 


For additional information, visit VDSS Becoming a Child Care Subsidy Program Vendor or email:


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