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Fairfax County, Virginia

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Susan Sigler,

Infant & Toddler Connection (ITC) - First Steps: Information to Make a Referral

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You will need to provide the following information to make a referral to Infant and Toddler Connection:

  • Name and telephone number of person making the referral.
  • Child’s name, gender and date of birth.
  • Language spoken by the family/primary caregiver.
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the parent or legal guardian.
  • Reason for referral (child has suspected or confirmed developmental delay or disability).
  • Health and physical information, including vision and hearing evaluations, results of any neurological and/or developmental evaluations and any other information pertinent to the child’s physical and developmental status and needs.
  • Health insurance name (to include Medicaid), policy number and other insurance information, if applicable.

Make a Referral to Infant & Toddler Connection

You can make a referral for ITC services by phone, fax, email or by completing an online referral.

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