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Tips for Successfully Joining and Participating in Office for Children Webinars

Tips for Successfully Joining and Participating in Office for Children Webinars

As with so many other things during the pandemic, professional learning opportunities from the Office for Children shifted to virtual, online formats like webinars. To successfully participate in Office for Children webinars, there are some tips and skills that can help you navigate your learning journey. You need to register successfully, log in on time for the start of the learning experience and be able to troubleshoot technical issues. Select a comfortable area that is conducive to viewing, listening and participating. Stay engaged throughout the whole webinar to absorb new ideas without distraction. Let’s explore these ideas more.

Webinar TipsRegistering for Webinars

GotoWebinar works best through its own app, so download the program on your device from their website, before you start your first webinar. You can also search for the app on your device and download it. When you register, confirm that your email address is correct. If the email is incorrect, you will not receive the confirmation nor be able to join the webinar. The confirmation email is automatically generated so if you do not receive the confirmation email immediately after registering, contact us at or and we can help you. Keep the confirmation email so you can click on the “Join the Webinar” button to join the webinar.

Log in 10 Minutes Early

As an online learner, make sure you are logged in before the webinar starts. This ensures that you are ready, your internet is connected and you are able to join the webinar. If you cannot join, shut down your device, reboot and try to join again. Check your sound settings to make sure your speakers are on and enabled. You can participate best through a laptop or tablet, but you can also join and participate using your phone. 

Troubleshoot Issues Ahead of Time

If troubleshooting your audio is unsuccessful, you can use a phone to dial in and listen to the audio. You can find the phone number and pin in your email confirmation. This will allow you to hear the audio, but you will still need to use your Apple or Android laptop, tablet, or another device to view the webinar and actively participate when prompted. 

Select a Comfortable Area

Choose an area to participate in the webinar that is well-lit and well-ventilated so you can be alert and engaged. This area helps you be a part of the community of learners without distractions like cable programs, internet programs, people or pets. All day long you give to others, so this is your time to focus on your professional development. 

Stay Engaged

To make sure you can stay engaged, finish up your routine activities before you join the webinar. Now you are ready to focus, hear new ideas and information and participate with others. Attend the entire webinar, including the Questions and Answer sessions, if available. To participate in the Q&A, you can submit or answer questions by clicking on the “?” mark on the task panel on your phone, type in your answer or question and click “Send.” On a tabletop or laptop, type in the Questions box and click on “Send” to submit your answer or question. Many webinars have polls during the presentation. If there is a poll, select your answer by clicking/tapping on the circle and then clicking/tapping the “Submit” button. 

New to webinar learning? It is important that you continue to develop your webinar participation skills. Take the opportunity to review the technical assistance videos that match your devices so you can learn how to navigate the GoToWebinar system. For all the devices in your home, you can see and hear how to register, join a meeting, adjust your volume, respond to polls, send answers in the Questions box, and submit questions to the presenter.

If you still need help, send us an email at and we will contact you and walk you through the steps to join and participate so you can be ready for the next webinar.


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