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Know Which Holiday Gifts Are Welcome in the Parks

DroneFairfax County households are overflowing with new toys and other gifts at this time of year. While it is fun to head outside to try them out, it’s important to know the rules before bringing holiday gifts into the parks.

Here are some tips:

  • Drones are growing in popularity, but are not allowed to take off or land in most FCPA parks. Park regulations and Federal Aviation Administration directives ban the use of hobby rockets, remote-control gliders or powered remote-control or tethered planes, boats, cars or other similar devices in most parks. Drone pilots may take off and land at Poplar Ford Park (6704 Bull Run Post Office Road, Chantilly, VA) under a partnership with Northern Virginia Radio Control, a model aircraft organization. For more information on drone usage in the parks, please visit Model Aircrafts and Drones.
  • Projectiles are prohibited. Try out the new golf clubs only at a county golf course. Unless you’re in a special archery program, leave bows and arrows at home. That goes for Tasers, spears, slingshots, dart devices, and other high-speed missile projectiles, too.
  • Knives with a blade more than four inches in length are prohibited, unless you’re using them to prepare food. Metal detectors may only be used with the FCPA’s express written permission.
  • Got a new puppy? Keep your furry friend on a leash, and no visiting a dog park until they are at least four months old and not in heat. New pony? Stay in designated equestrian/riding areas. Feel free to try out the new fishing rod, but you must comply with Virginia State game laws and park rules.
  • Take your new skates for a spin at the Mount Vernon ice rink, but don’t tempt fate by skating on any body of water in a park. Keep bicycles and skis on established trails, walkways and roadways. No off-trail use. Similarly, do not sled or tube or ski on our golf courses once the snow arrives.
  • Keep the ear buds in your ears. If you want to play something loud enough for everyone around you to hear, you need written permission from the Park Authority.
  • If you want to spend the night in your new tent, plan to stay in a designated area, register and pay the appropriate fees.

For more information, please contact the Public Information Office at 703-324-8662.