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It’s Witch Hazel Time at Green Spring Gardens

It’s Witch Hazel Time at Green Spring Gardens

Which witch do you like?

Pick a favorite on a visit to Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria.

Green Spring Gardens has nearly 200 witch hazels gracing its landscape. Besides producing a marvelous tour of late winter color from early February into March, witch hazels play an important role in a national program. Green Spring is a part of the American Public Gardens Association Plant Collections Network.

This network of botanical gardens and arboreta coordinate the preservation of plants across the nation. Specifically, they protect germplasm, which is the living tissue from which new plants can grow. Each member of the network specializes in a particular plant, and they make that plant’s germplasm available for research and breeding.

Green Spring, much to your benefit, specializes in witch hazels, which bloom annually from January into March. The Fairfax County Park Authority has a web page about Green Spring’s feature plant. There you’ll find information about this remarkable shrub, its role at Green Spring and in local history, and see photos of some of Green Spring’s witch hazels in bloom.

Once you’ve seen the web page, you’ll be ready for the sight and scent of the real thing on a visit to the gardens.

Green Spring Gardens, the Fairfax County Park Authority’s public garden, is located at 4603 Green Spring Rd. in Alexandria, Va. For more info, visit Green Spring Gardens. Information about the witch hazels and the Plant Collections Network is available by calling Green Spring at 703-642-5173.