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New Playground Equipment Coming to Wakefield Park

New Playground Equipment Coming to Wakefield Park

The Fairfax County Park Authority Board approved the installation of a new playground for Wakefield Park at its meeting on January 24, 2018. The park, located in the Braddock District, is among those benefitting from funding in the 2016 Park Bond to replace playground equipment throughout the county that has exceeded its useful life.

Although the equipment at Wakefield Park has been repaired since its original installation in 1994, it has now exceeded its life expectancy and no longer meets current playground safety guidelines. The plan approved by the board calls for design and layout of replacement equipment, demolition of the existing equipment and related features, and installation of the equipment, safety surface, border, subsurface drainage, and related amenities. It will also improve the accessible route from the existing sidewalk and include installation of a new perimeter fence. The project is estimated to cost $100,000. Construction is slated to begin in the second quarter of the year.

Wakefield Park is a District Park located near the intersection of Braddock Road and I-495 Capital Beltway.

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