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Stay Active Indoors with Livestreamed Exercise Programs

While Park Authority RECenters are temporarily closed, you can stay active and reduce stress by exercising at home.

Try “Everyday Tai Chi” or choose from four “Everyday Yoga” classes. They can be livestreamed on Channel 16 television at the air times listed below or viewed online by clicking on the links.

“Everyday Yoga: Movement for Life” is a series of four half-hour demonstration programs brought to you from Park Authority sites and Senior Centers all around Fairfax County. Our four instructors have special experience teaching yoga to mature adults and provide viewers with daily routines to build energy, strength, flexibility and balance. Class members represent a wide variety of abilities and show seated modifications for all exercises. Programs become progressively more challenging throughout the week – from Level 1 through 4. Each program begins with a breathing exercise to increase lung capacity and improve posture and ends with meditation to reduce stress and increase awareness in the body.


Fairfax Virtual Assistant