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Fairfax County Park Authority Shares in Tree Conservation Award

The Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) is among the organizations that have been honored by the Fairfax County Tree Commission with an award for tree preservation.

Commission members voted to present the Tree Conservation Award for Tree Preservation to the team of agencies and consultants that worked on the Difficult Run at Brittenford Drive Stream Restoration Project. Urban Forester Hugh C. Whitehead of the Urban Forest Management Division said, “This is a testament to the outstanding tree preservation planning and implementation achieved with this project. Visitors to the park and residents of the surrounding community will benefit from this valuable contribution for many years to come.”

The project involved the restoration of approximately 5,500 linear feet of a highly degraded tributary of Difficult Run on FCPA property. The goals were to stabilize the channel and prevent future erosion and degradation along the stream, utilize native trees and herbaceous vegetation as part of plantings to promote natural reforestation, and develop a healthy ecosystem. This project is one of numerous stream restorations being planned for, and implemented across Fairfax County, as part of a larger effort to restore degraded streams in the county, while also improving the overall water quality and condition of the Chesapeake Bay.

Park Authority staff members were presented with the award in a ceremony at the Fairfax County Government Center on Friday, January 24, 2020.

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