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Swimming, Alcohol Banned at Scotts Run Nature Preserve

 Swimming, Alcohol Banned at Scotts Run Nature PreserveScott’s Run Nature Preserve in Great Falls, Virginia, is a fantastic natural resource to be enjoyed by those looking for a quiet place to enjoy a hike, gaze at the waterfall and streams, as well as the shoreline of the Potomac River; and to take in the rich abundance of local fauna, woodland creatures and natural resources. If you are seeking a place to drink alcohol, swim or wade in the water, or climb rocks, this is not the place.

The Fairfax County Park Authority will be working collaboratively with the Fairfax County Police Department to ensure only permitted activities take place in this natural area, that people can recreate safely, and that the rules as they apply to alcohol and use of the preserve are observed. Law enforcement and FCPA staff will be enforcing the rules as follows:

  • No coolers are allowed. No alcohol or glass bottles are permitted in Scott’s Run. Bags will be checked at parking lot trailheads. Enforcement will be stepped up at the waterfall area. The beauty of the falls masks its peril. This area is subject to dangerous currents, and submerged rocks can combine with those currents to make entering the water a deadly decision. Rain upstream can raise water levels very quickly.
  • No swimming, wading or boating allowed at Scott’s Run. Crowds in the water threaten the many invertebrates and the remarkable and rare plant species that call the preserve home.
  • No parking is permitted in adjacent neighborhoods or along the roadway leading to the park. Parking is limited to 50 cars in the designated parking areas.
  • Dogs must be on a leash while in the park.

Rules are posted at Scotts Run Nature Preserve Park Rules webpage. The Fairfax County Park Authority has 420 parks available for recreational use. Swimming is limited to pools and Rec Centers. Police will enforce all applicable laws. Park Authority employees and authorized volunteer staff have been trained and are obligated to enforce these rules and regulations. Failure to abide by these rules may also result in violators being ejected from the park immediately and prohibited from future use of park property, facilities or services. 

Scott's Run Nature Preserve is located at 7400 Georgetown Pike, McLean, Virginia. For more information, visit Scott's Run Nature Preserve.   

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