Summer Entertainment Series

Fairfax County, Virginia


12055 Government Center Pkwy.
Fairfax, Virginia 22035

Sousan Frankeberger,
Performing Arts Manager

Blue Sky Puppet Theater

7/20/2019 10:00 am to 7/20/2019 10:45 am

Event Description

Blue Sky Puppet TheaterThe Jester's Box ia one of the Blue Sky Puppet Theatre's most charming and unusual show! The jester, Ralph, is off to see King NFAFETMHL, the king who Never Found Anything Funny Enough To Make Him Laugh. If Ralph can make him laugh, he will gain fame and gold. But, if he fails, he must endure a jester's greatest humiliation - getting hit with a pie! He makes camp outside the King's castle. After rehearsing his magic act, walking on a tightrope, and dancing on hot coals, Ralph lays down to take a nap before performing for the King. As Ralph sleeps, one of his rag dolls, "Freddie", comes to life. King NFAFETMHL shows up! Freddie proceeds to go through a series of hilarious tricks, making King NFAFETMHL roar with laughter in doing so!! This "Table Top" performance is a major stylistic departure from the rod puppets behind a 6ft curtain that we're famous for. This 35 minute presentation is an intimate show that is performed Bunraku style on a custom built table with the performer visible. It accommodates 150 amazed and delighted viewers of all ages.

STYLE: Puppets


Contact: Rain Cancellation HOTLINE

For last minute performance cancellations due to inclement weather, call 703-324-SHOW (7469) one hour prior to the program start time.

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Burke Lake Park Location

7315 Ox Road
Fairfax Station, VA, 22039

Map of Burke Lake Park

From Route 123 North
The park entrance is on the right. If you see the golf course then you have gone too far.
The golf course entrance will be the next right beyond the park entrance.

From Route 123 South
The golf course entrance is the first left off Ox Road (Route 123).
The park entrance is the second left off Ox Road (Route 123).