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Lake Accotink Dam Stream Crossing Project

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The Fairfax County Park Authority will be constructing a pedestrian bridge across Accotink Creek below the dam and spillway beginning June 2022 and ending in the spring of 2023.

lake accotink park trail access The Lake Accotink Loop Trail system is currently one of the most heavily used trails in the Park Authority serving communities around Lake Accotink and park visitors from throughout the region. The existing pedestrian and vehicular crossing at the outfall of the Lake Accotink dam floods suddenly and frequently, often stranding trail users and tempting them to wade through swiftly running water. Excessive damage due to major storm events has required a total reconstruction of the trail twice in the last five years. This project will resolve these issues, enhancing safety and accessibility for park users.

The contractor, Franco’s Liberty Bridge, Inc, will be mobilizing on site with active construction activities beginning this summer. The project consists of creation of approximately 300 linear feet of asphalt trail improvements and 325 linear feet on an elevated concrete pedestrian crossing over the dam outfall in Lake Accotink Park. Total project costs, inclusive of design, permitting, testing, utilities, construction, and administration is just over $3 million dollars.

Active construction is anticipated to be completed by early 2023. Residents should expect occasional construction traffic entering and exiting the Accotink Park Road entrance. Portions of the surrounding Lake Accotink Trail will be closed and posted during construction.

Trail users will not be able to circumnavigate the Lake Accotink loop trail due to construction. A section of the trail near the dam and in front of the spillway will be closed. A construction driveway that will cross over the Cross County Trail (CCT) near the dam may on occasion force trail users to cross the road when in use but otherwise the CCT will not be impacted and will remain open. We encourage park users to continue to visit the park and use the trails. While the lake trail loop will not be able to be completed until construction has ended there are many trails that users may use to create an alternative route. Trail users should consult our Trail Buddy online service to research and construct new routes through the park as needed. We have provided an overview of the current trail access below.

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