Lee District Rec Center

Fairfax County, Virginia


6601 Telegraph Road
Franconia, Virginia

Brian Laws,
Operations Manager

Lee District Rec Center

More than Just a Gym

We have what all other gyms have and so much more. For one, aquatics and swimming are not an afterthought here. And you’ll be impressed by our huge selection of classes, camps and programs for kids.

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It’s time for some of our Rec Center pools to get some much needed TLC! Please see the schedule of pool closings where we will be focusing on maintenance tasks such as replacing the plaster surface, deep cleaning, overhead light replacement and feature replacement. As a reminder, as a Rec Center member, the following pools remain open for your use: Mount Vernon Rec Center, Lee District Rec Center, Providence Rec Center, and George Washington Rec Center.

  • Audrey Moore Rec Center
    • Pool Closed: August 22
    • Pool Reopens: September  10
  • Oak Marr Rec Center
    • Pool and Spa Closed: August 20
    • Pool and Spa Reopens: September 10
  • Spring Hill Rec Center
    • Pool & Spa Closed: August 27
    • Pool & Spa Reopens: September 10
  • Cub Run Rec Center
    • Both Pools & Spa Closed: August 22
    • Both Pool & Spa Reopen: September 10             
  • South Run Rec Center
    • Pool & Spa Closed: August 22
    • Pool & Spa Reopens: September 10

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August 2022 New Member Special! Thinking about a new Rec Center membership and want to give it a try? We want to make it easy for you to get started. New members are eligible for a 30 Days for $30 trial membership. Just walk in to any Rec Center to start your membership today!

Note: the 30 day for $30 membership is not available to purchase online, it must be purchased in-person at a Rec Center.

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