Title: Freestyle Ice Skating Monitor
Goal: To provide assistance to the skaters while ensuring them an organized, safe and smoothly run freestyle session.
Duties: The volunteer will ensure the safety of the skaters and contracted coaches at all times by enforcing the rules, monitoring the traffic flow, and attending to the needs of the freestyle skaters. The volunteer will work in accordance with the rules provided for the freestyle sessions. The volunteer will record attendance and corresponding payment and pay close attention to skater etiquette and contracted coaches during the freestyle sessions.
Qualifications: Must be 16 years of age or older. The volunteer must have strong ice skating skills and be a well-organized individual. Must be willing to assist and interact with the skaters in a positive and consistent manner. Certification in First Aid is required. Current Freestyle Skaters or their family members and ice skating coaches are not eligible for this position.
Training: Must complete FCPA Safety Training, Sexual Harassment Training and STARS customer service training within two weeks of start date. Must attend site orientation and on-the job training as required. On the job training with experienced ice rink operator will supplement prior experience.
Certifications/Tests: Must complete and stay current on CPR (every 2 years) and First Aid (every 3 years) certifications. The training must be completed within 60 days of volunteer start date.
Time Required: Average of four hours per week. Prefer one-year commitment.