Title: Landscaper
Goal: To help with overall maintenance of the indoor and outdoor plants and flower beds and general beautification of the RECenter or park.
Duties: Helps prepare flower beds for planting, assists site manager with ordering plants and flowers, mulches flower beds to maintain ground moisture, removes dead plants or flowers, weeds flower beds, waters and helps winterize and clean out flower beds as necessary. Light to heavy lifting.
Qualifications: Must be 16 years of age or older. A genuine interest in landscaping and knowledge of care for plants and trees. Prior landscaping experience is preferred.
Training: Must complete FCPA Safety Training, Sexual Harassment Training and STARS customer service training within two weeks of start date. Must attend site orientation and on-the job training as required.
Certifications/Tests: None.
Time Required: Volunteer is required to donate an average of four hours per week over the course of the year for the upkeep of the flower beds and general maintenance of plants.