Title: Newsletter
Goal: To gather information, develop ideas, and write articles on RECenter/Park Programs, volunteer programs, customers/staff, and other related programs, issues and concerns. Interview subjects for articles and create advertisements for classes, events and opportunities.
Duties: The Newsletter Editor develops a quarterly newsletter for distribution to customers, volunteers, staff and other interested parties. Specific duties include gathering information and interviewing customers, staff, volunteers and other participants to write articles. Apply design and page layout skills using various design software to produce the newsletter and to prepare the electronic files for reproduction. Edit text and design for submission to printer. Helps to prepare and plan for distribution.
Qualifications: Must be 16 years of age or older, with qualifications or interest in journalism or creative writing. Experience in editing and developing newsletters, school newspaper or school yearbook is preferred. Experience using Microsoft Publisher is preferred.
Training: Must complete FCPA Safety Training, Sexual Harassment Training and STARS customer service training within two weeks of start date. Must attend site orientation and on-the job training as required.
Certifications/Tests: None.
Time Required: Average of four hours per week. Prefer 12 month commitment.