Overview of the ePlans Process

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Reminder: ProjectDox Phase 2 launched Nov. 16.  Watch a training video on YouTube. Additional Details online.

Watch this ePlans video “Before You Begin” (6:09) to understand the LDS ePlans process. Find other How Tos videos on YouTube.

To apply for a permit, residents and businesses start the process in our permit application platform called FIDO. Obtaining some permits is a fairly simple process; however, other permits will require applicants to submit architectural or other “plans” through a separate system called ProjectDox. This web page is a good place to start if you are new to submitting plans. We refer to all plans, submitted via ProjectDox, as “ePlans.” Review the information below based on whether you are submitting building plans or site plans.



Building ePlans:  Getting Started

(This web page will walk you through the ePlans process for obtaining buildings permits starting with your application in FIDO.)

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Links related to submitting building ePlans:


Site ePlans: Getting Started

(This web page will walk you through the ePlans process for obtaining site-related permits starting with your application in ProjectDox.)

Links related to submitting site-related ePlans:

For more information on which plan types should be submitted using ProjectDox, and which types should be submitted using Sharefile, please visit the Site Application Center.

Site ePaper: ("ePaper" is the term used for plans and documents submitted through Sharefile.)

To offer customers even more options for electronic submissions of plans and documents, LDS is accepting through our Sharefile system, any site-related plans and documents that you cannot submit through ProjectDox. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Waivers that are not listed above
  • All other site-related plans and documents

To submit Site ePaper documents, please use the Sharefile Submission Form.


Need additional assistance? Call 703-222-0801, TTY 711, to speak with the Customer Experience Team, or schedule a virtual appointment for permit process support.


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For general questions about the ePlans process, call 703-222-0801, option 2, TTY 711, or email staff.
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