Land Development Services now offers digital plan review - ePlans - for the following plan types:

Building ePlans

  • New commercial structures
  • Commercial interior alterations (Plans that include exterior work need to be applied for and submitted via the paper process)

Site ePlans

  • Site plans
  • Minor site plans

ePlans are uploaded and reviewed using ProjectDox, a separate system from FIDO and PAWS. Click on "Getting Started" under Building ePlans or Site ePlans to learn more.

Digitization fee: We highly encourage applicants to submit electronically whenever possible. If paper plans are submitted for the plan types above, currently there is no extra fee; however, LDS expects to begin to charge a digitization fee in the coming months. Currently no designated ePlan types are being assessed the digitization fee -- but coming soon!


How to Get Started with Submitting Health Department ePlans

Signature Set: Understanding the Approval Process and Fees for Site-Related Plans

How to Work with Reviewers in Between Site-Related ePlan Submissions


The benefits of paperless plan review

  • Promotes better communication and collaboration among all stakeholders, offering real-time status updates and increased transparency
  • Ends the time-consuming practice of printing and distributing heavy plans to multiple reviewing agencies – distribution happens simultaneously
  • Creates time-savings because simultaneous distribution allows different agencies to review in parallel, instead of consecutively
  • Offers the ability to upload plans outside of regular business hours

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ePlans Help Desk

For general questions about the ePlans process:

Need further assistance?  County staff will be available to provide one-on-one help to customers who are ready to submit ePlans on Wednesdays from 8 to 10 a.m. in March and April of 2019. You must bring your laptop with digital files ready for upload to the customer service waiting area on the second floor of the Herrity Building, Suite 230, 12055 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, Va., 22035.

Let the receptionist know that you are waiting for an ePlans specialist when you arrive – no registration necessary!

Fairfax Virtual Assistant