Responding to Comments and Resubmitting a Site-Related ePlan


Once all reviews are completed and the site or minor site plan is disapproved, you will receive an email inviting you to resubmit. Log in to ProjectDox to respond to comments, upload new drawings/documents and resubmit.

Working with Reviewers in Between Submissions of Site-Related ePlans:

The steps outlined below explain how to work with reviewers in between submissions of site-related ePlans, both DPE and non-DPE. For DPE ePlans, this process replaces the current practice of collecting approval signatures on the plan coversheet.

DPE ePlans

  • After receiving first submission comments, as is customary for the DPE process, the applicant will work with all review agencies to address all comments and reach resolutions on all items presented during review. If agency comments are not adequately resolved before resubmitting, multiple resubmittals and additional fees may be due. See “Getting to Approval – Signature Set.”

  • The communication between applicant and reviewer can be via email, PDFs, meetings, or any other means of communication as necessary to obtain concurrence for an approvable plan.

  • You must respond to each review comment in the changemark report before resubmitting. For DPE plans, comment responses must include a clear description of the resolution agreed upon with outside agencies. Comments must not be addressed in a separate comment response letter but contained entirely in ProjectDox.

  • When a reviewer indicates that his/her comments have been satisfied, the applicant will upload the pertinent PDFs to the ePlans system without hitting the “submit” button and then notify the reviewer.  The reviewer will then write in the ePlans “Discussion Board” to indicate that the plan is ready for approval.

  • Applicants should not write in the discussion board. To view the discussion board, open the project in ProjectDox, and click the highlighted icon as seen below.  Lines will appear on the icon if there are already notes in the discussion board. 

screenshot of ePlans discussion board icon


  • Once the above icon is clicked, the Discussion Board will appear as seen below. 


screenshot of ePlans discussion board


If the agency has agreed that the sheets are ready for second submission, there will be a discussion topic for that agency. The Category will be “Approved.” Once opened, the discussion topic text should read: “I have reviewed the sheets that you have uploaded for this project. They are ready for approval.” This is equivalent to getting a reviewer’s signature on a paper plan’s cover sheet.


  • As is customary for DPE plans, once the applicant has received a “ready for approval” notice via the Discussion Board from all applicable review agencies, the applicant will then verify that all applicable revised sheets are uploaded and will hit the submit button to make an official 2nd submission.

  • The ePlan 2nd submission DPE plan is expected to have the appropriate DPE certification for 2nd submission as well as a properly completed “certificate of no change” by the submitting professional. This confirms that the plan has not been changed since receiving the “ready for approval” discussion board note. This is the same practice that is used during the site-plan revision process and has now been expanded to site-related ePlans.

  • After passing ESI review, ESI will forward plan to Fairfax County Land Development Services (LDS).  LDS will distribute the plan to all review agencies for final approval. If approval is given by LDS and all review agencies this plan will be forwarded to Bonds and Agreements.

  • If there are minor defects with the plan submission, the applicant will work with the site reviewer on next steps to meet the requirements of a signature set (see Signature Set). The signature set will then be forwarded to Bonds & Agreements.

Non-DPE ePlans


  • As is customary, plans must be submitted to county for distribution on every review cycle.

  • After receiving plans, the county will then distribute to all review agencies for review and approval (ePlans discussion Board will not be used for non-DPE plans).

  • If comments are issued, applicant will address all comments and re-submit plan to county for review.

  • County will again distribute to all review agencies for review and approval.

  • When plan has received approval from all agencies, this becomes the signature set (see Signature Set).

  • The signature set will then be forwarded to Bonds & Agreements.

General Guidance

  • In the past, customers would often submit their plans for review to each agency individually. Now, with ePlans, all submissions must be made via the ePlans software.

  • Applicants MUST resubmit the drawings with the exact file name as the original submission. Versions are indicated by the red “V” and version number beside the file name. If file names change, there will be a delay in the review.

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