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Building ePlan FAQs


To make sure you are applying for the correct permit in FIDO, follow these helpful guides:

Create an online account through FIDO online, start a permit application, pay the fee, then you will have an option to “Upload an ePlan” on your FIDO online home screen.

At minimum you must pay your permit filing fee to be able to upload via ePlans.

Once you have requested to submit via ePlan for the first time you will receive an invitation email, this email may take up to 20 minutes to send.

When logged into ProjectDox, ensure you have completed and sent the upload task to the county. If you have not sent it to us, we cannot move the project along. You can check this by going to the Project Reports and clicking on the workflow routing report.

You must follow the naming convention described in Uploading Building ePlans. Names are limited to 25 characters.

The following pages and videos are your best resources:

If you are still having issues, please reach out to the ePlans team via email or call 703-222-0801, option 2, TTY 711. 

A ProjectDox Users Guide is in the works. Until that is complete, please review the following resources.

If you are still having issues, please reach out to the ePlans team via email or call 703-222-0801, option 2, TTY 711. 

No, at this time all plans are required to be submitted electronically.

The invitation email will be sent to the email on file in the customers FIDO account, they can view that email by checking their settings once logged into FIDO online.

At this time, you cannot delete pages. If a sheet has been sent incorrectly you will need to email to have the page deleted.

If the plans are required to have a seal based on state and local regulations, then yes. If required all pages must bear a digital seal and signature in accordance with DPOR. In addition, all ePlans are required to have an electronic signature which must have signature protection on each sheet or the coversheet-only provided it has a table of contents per DPOR regulations. Details are available on the Signed and Sealed web page.

This can be confusing as you apply for a permit using FIDO and you upload your plans using ProjectDox. To check the status of your Plans/ePlans, log into your ProjectDox account and select the project reports.

You can use FIDO to track the status of your permit and for non-plan related requirements.

Once logged into your ProjectDox account, go to the project reports and click on the workflow routing slip report. This report will let you know who has the plan. More details are available on the Track Your ePlan page.

Fairfax County staff may have put an administrative hold on the permit because of an extenuating circumstance, if this has happened, please email to learn more about the hold and have it removed.

No, we do not require the plans to provide a blank space for us to put our approved stamps. Our stamps will go in the lower right-hand corner over the page numbers.

No, the plans are required to be scaled and the plans must indicate what the scale is.

Once you have obtained the plan approvals you must email with any outstanding log-out items: cost breakdown, asbestos, contractor license, fees, etc. Your permit and plans will not be logged out unless you notify the ePlans team.

Your permit will not be in the ProjectDox system, you will find your permit by logging into your FIDO account. Once logged in, you will click on status of applied permits and will be able to print your permit from there.

To pay only the filing fee you need to use the pay link from FIDO.

The file may be giving you an error message if you have exceeded the 50-character count limit or if you have used non-alphanumeric characters like the examples below:


Greater Than


Less Than




Percentage Sign


Double Quotation Mark

Single Quotation Mark

Equal Sign




Question Mark



Please be sure to follow the naming convention we have outlined, which can be found on our “ePlans in Fairfax County: File Upload for Building Plans” webpage.

Please use the ePlans Measure Tool to ensure your plat is to scale.

Fairfax Virtual Assistant