Getting Started with Building ePlans

Permits in Fairfax County are processed using FIDO, our online permitting system. 

ePlans are uploaded and reviewed using ProjectDox.

The two systems are independent and require separate logins. The process to create accounts for each system is provided below. 

Step 1: Create a FIDO account

  • Click “Apply for a Permit” from the FIDO homepage. If you already have a FIDO account, skip to Step 2.


  • Click “Create Account” from the Web Permits page. You will be asked to provide some basic contact and security information so that we can communicate with you about your permit process.



Step 2: FIDO log in and permit application

Once you have established a FIDO account, log in and apply for the appropriate Permit Type. At this stage you will apply for your permit based on the type of work you wish to perform.

IMPORTANT: When it comes to the plan review associated with the permit, you will have to follow one of two possible options.

  • Steps 4 - 6 below apply to the process for Standard ePlans submissions. Standard ePlans are currently available for New Single-Family Dwelling, New Commercial Building and Interior Alteration Commercial permit types.
  • All other permit types must use the Alternate Process for Non-Standard ePlans. In this case you will pay the permit fees (Step 3 below) and then proceed to the Alternate Process web page for additional instructions.



Step 3: Pay permit fee

You must pay the permit filing fee prior to submitting your ePlans. Check the box of the permit with an unpaid fee status and click the “Pay” button at the bottom of the screen. The fee can be paid with a check or credit card through the county's secure payment site.


If you are applying for any permit other than New Single Family Dwelling, Interior Alterations Commercial or New Commercial Building, go to the Alternate Process for Non-Standard ePlans page for further instructions.

Step 4: Submit ePlan: New Single Family Dwelling, Interior Alterations Commercial or New Commercial Building

(All other permits navigate to the Alternate Process for Non-Standard ePlans page for further instructions.)

Once you have completed the payment process, return to the permit status page. (You may need to refresh this page to update the payment status.) 

Once the payment is processed, you will see a link to upload the ePlan in the far-right column. Click “Upload an ePlan” to begin an electronic plan submission request for ProjectDox.



Step 5: Verify your information

Confirm that your email, permit number and other project information is correct. Then check the box beside “Are you sure that you are going to submit a plan/plans electronically for the above permit?” and select the “Submit” button. This will create a ProjectDox workspace for your project.


Step 6: Accept ProjectDox invitation and log in

You will receive an email with an invitation to ProjectDox for your permit application within 15 minutes. The invitation will contain instructions and log in information.

  • If you are a new ProjectDox user, you will receive a user ID and temporary password.
  • If you are a returning ProjectDox user, simply log-in to ProjectDox and locate your project using your existing Username and Password.

Once you are in the ProjectDox application, you will be able to Upload ePlans.

Example of email:




For general questions about the ePlans process, call 703-222-0801, option 2, TTY 711, or email staff.

Fairfax Virtual Assistant