LDS Operational Status

Limited customer services are being offered in the lobby of the Herrity building Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. - noon:

  • Land Development Services only accepts electronic submissions for permits and plans.
  • Please note customer service technicians are not available for walk-ins.
  • For questions and trouble-shooting related to an ongoing project, please email, call or schedule an appointment.

Follow the links below for more details about the permitting process.


Building Permits and Plans

NOTE: If you began your permit application with a paper plan submission, prior to March 25, 2020, please follow the steps available through the ePaper Submissions link.

  1. Determine whether you need a permit.
  2. Determine what permit you need:
  3. Apply for a permit using Fairfax Inspection Database Online (FIDO). You will receive your permit at the end of your FIDO application, unless the application requires supplemental plans.
  4. If plans are required, submit your supplemental architectural plans and documents electronically. (See minimum submission requirements.)
  5. Check the status of your permit:
  6. Check the status of your plans:
  7. To obtain your permit and approved plans:
    • You should receive an email that confirms you have reached the “Batch Stamp” task, also known as "Plan Issuance" or "Log Out". If you don’t receive an email, view the “Workflow Routing Slip” report (see Track Your ePlan) to verify where your plan is in the process.
    • Ensure all outstanding fees are paid.
    • Email with your request to obtain your permit.
  8. To submit revisions or amendments:


Contact individual fire or building plan reviewers or send general building plan review inquiries to

For general questions regarding ePlans, please email or visit the ePlans webpage for how-to documents, videos and FAQs.


NOTE: You do not need to apply for a building permit extension as explained in the letter to industry sent out on April 14, 2020.

Site-Related Plans

For submission, site plan review, plan approval, and Land Disturbance permit issuance information, go to the Site Application Center web page.



Due to a substantial increase in submissions via our electronic plan system, review times are slower than usual:

  • Up to 48 hours for email responses.
  • Building permit applications (all types) please visit FIDO online by permit number or by address to check your status.
  • Plan (agency) reviews associated with a building permit application, please visit ProjectDox: track your building ePlan to check your status.
  • For larger residential and commercial projects, there is no change in expected review and permitting completion times.
  • Site Related plans please visit ProjectDox: track your site ePlan to check your status.
  • All other site related documents, including conditions and remaining fees visit LDSnet to check your status and obtain other information.

Please note that we are working diligently to reduce these times, and our IT department is working on patches and increasing our capacity. Please bear with us.

Zoning Operational Status

To get the latest information on zoning submissions, sign permits and fees, visit the DPD Operational Status webpage.

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