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New Interactive Map Identifies Potential Wetlands Areas in Fairfax County

To streamline the preparation of many development plan types, Fairfax County Land Development Services has created a new interactive mapping application to identify a property’s estimated potential wetlands. It is posted as the “Potential Wetlands Area Map Viewer” in the Interactive Map Gallery.

County Potential Wetlands Area Map Viewer

This dataset represents potential wetlands areas in Fairfax County. Applicants for many plan types are required to certify that all required wetlands permits will be acquired before land disturbance begins in a “wetlands statement.” This data can assist property owners and plan preparers in preliminary identification of potential wetlands for which such permits would be necessary. 

For example, this data will assist plan preparers and owners to knowledgably complete the following sections of the Site Plan coversheet:

Wetlands Permits Certification area on site plan coversheet

Potential for Wetlands area on site plan coversheet

Landowners and plan preparers should use this information in preliminary phases of projects to identify the need for further study of possible wetlands. This data does not replace the need for site-specific Resource Protection Area (RPA) delineation when required by code. It also does not replace other field analysis required when wetlands permits are necessary from the Army Corps of Engineers.  

Please contact the Engineer of the Day with any questions about using this information at 703-324-1575, TTY 711.

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