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Nonresidential Use Permits (NonRUP)

In accordance with Article 8 of the Zoning Ordinance, occupancy, use of a structure or premises, or a change in use are not permitted until a Nonresidential Use Permit (NonRUP) has been approved. A NonRUP is required to approve both the initial and continued occupancy and use of the structure or land to which it applies. In October 2022, administration of NonRUPs transferred to Land Development Services (LDS) with the launch of Release 4 of PLUS. Read more in Technical Bulletin 22-10 Changes to the Nonresidential Use Permit Process. The fee for obtaining nonRUPs is $70.


In accordance with Article 8 of the Zoning Ordinance, a NonRUP must be obtained from the Zoning Administrator before any person may:

  1. Occupy or use, or permit to be occupied or used, any building, other than accessory structures as permitted by subsection 4102.7, and additions to existing structures that do not require site plan approval;
  2. Change the use, or permit a change in the use, of land or a building;
  3. Occupy or use any vacant land except for an agricultural use;
  4. Make any change in the use of a nonconforming use;
  5. Enlarge any use in a manner that triggers an increase in the amount of required off-street parking spaces; or
  6. Continue any use after a change in the owner or operator of the use, except residential dwellings or an agricultural use.


For additional assistance, please contact the Building Division, Land Development Services at 703-631-5101, TTY 711.

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