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Record Rainfall Challenges Area Construction Sites; Hotline Available to Report Issues

Nearly five inches of rain fell on Fairfax County Monday morning – nearly a month’s worth of rain in just a few hours, overwhelming numerous parts of our public infrastructure. Many of the more than 1,650 construction sites in Fairfax have struggled to contain the massive amount of water and run-off that was a consequence of this deluge.

Inspectors from the Site Development and Inspections Division (SDID) of Land Development Services (LDS) monitor each construction site in the county. When construction disturbs the ground, it is much more susceptible to eroding.  Rainfall loosens the soil further and can carry it with the runoff to adjacent properties or streams. 

LDS is committed to protecting communities and the environment from excessive run-off. If you observe a construction site that seems to have malfunctioning erosion and sedimentation controls, please submit your concern online via the Site Construction Hotline Submission Form or call 703-324-7470, TTY 711.

The Fairfax County Erosion and Sediment Control Law requires that anyone who disturbs more than 2,500 square feet of land must prepare an erosion and sediment control plan to protect communities and local waterways from the impacts of construction. This is a state-mandated program that is enforced by localities.

After a rain event, the contractor on the site is responsible for repairing and replacing any damaged controls, such as broken silt fencing or clogged sediment traps. SDID conducts a series of on-site inspections to make sure construction is moving ahead correctly and the erosion and sediment controls are working properly. Inspectors will also visit the site after a significant rainfall event to make sure the contractor is maintaining the controls in compliance with regulations.

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