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The Lincolnia Planning District Study - About the Study

The Lincolnia Planning District Study (Plan Amendment 2013-I-L1) is a review and update of the community vision for how the Lincolnia area should develop in the future. The vision will serve as a guide in evaluating development proposals in the area.

The study was authorized by Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross and the Board of Supervisors in order to assess whether portions of the Lincolnia Planning District should be designated as a Community Business Center (CBC). An area designated as a CBC would encourage a mix of uses focused around a core area of higher intensity, such as a town center or main street in a pedestrian-oriented setting. For additional information, please visit our FAQ page. The study was separated into three phases. Phase I consisted of an editorial update to Comprehensive Plan guidance for the Lincolnia Planning District. Phase II explored the area surrounding Little River Turnpike and Beauregard Street to consider the designation a Community Business Center (or CBC). The Lincolnia CBC designation was recommended by a community task force and adopted by the Board of Supervisors on March 6th, 2018. The third and final phase of the study is ongoing and will include detailed land use and transportation analysis for the newly designated Lincolnia CBC.

Phase III - Ongoing

Phase III begins in early Spring 2018, and will include a detailed transportation and land use analysis of the Lincolnia Community Business Center. The task force will consider associated planning guidance, particularly land use and development intensity recommendations for the Lincolnia CBC. Task force recommendations will be used to update the Lincolnia Comprehensive Plan. Community input is welcomed throughout the process! Task Force meetings are generally held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. See meeting tabs for more information regarding upcoming meetings.

Phase II - Completed

Phase II began with the Lincolnia Land Use College, a series of three classes designed to share information and answer community questions regarding the development process in Fairfax County and how residents can shape decisions. Attendance at the college or review of college presentations/materials were designed to help participants provide input during the Lincolnia Study. A community task force was formed to discuss whether or not the area generally surrounding Little River Turnpike and Beauregard Street should be consider for a Community Business Center designation (CBC). On August 29th, 2017 the task force provided a formal recommendation on the subject area including support of the CBC designation. The recommendation was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on March 6, 2018 concluding Phase II of the study.

Phase I - Completed

Staff began work on Phase I in May of 2014, and concluded on October 20, 2015 with its adoption. The staff report for Phase I is available. Phase I had two major objectives:

  1. Evaluate the adopted Comprehensive Plan recommendations to make editorial updates such as correct factual information and reflect existing development where appropriate. There were no substantive changes made.
  2. Consider whether the Plan guidance for portions of the L3 Bren Mar Park Community Planning Sector and the Beltway South Industrial Area should be consolidated with the other recommendations for the Beltway South Industrial Area, in the Annandale Planning District. It was decided to not consolide this information.
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