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The Lincolnia Planning District Study - Frequently Asked Questions

A community task force is reviewing and updating the long-range vision for how we'd like the Lincolnia area to look and function. The community vision will serve as a guide in evaluating development proposals in the area. Community participation is crucial to this conversation and is welcome.

Click here to view the list of Task Force members.

The study will result in a Comprehensive Plan for the area that will serve as the basis for evaluating development proposals in the area for years to come. We are seeking your direct input on a) what you'd like to protect, b) what you'd like redeveloped (if anything), and c) how you'd like that development to look and function.

  • To discuss establishing a community destination focused around a pedestrian-oriented town center or main street
  • To address traffic congestion and operations at the intersection of Little River Turnpike and N. Beauregard Street
  • To explore enhanced public transit
  • To discuss additional protections for existing residential neighborhoods
  • Participate in the Lincolnia community task force meetings (open to public)
  • Visit the study website for more information
  • Subscribe to the study's email listserv

The College is a series of 3 classes that provides you with all you want to know about the development process in Fairfax County and how you can shape decisions. Attendance at the college (see all college presentations/materials here) will help participants provide input during the Lincolnia Study.

The study seeks to address traffic congestion and operations at the intersection of Little River Turnpike and N. Beauregard Street and the surrounding area. Traffic congestion is a difficult regional issue that will not be addressed overnight, nor by transportation improvements within a small area. We will investigate innovative measures to mitigate traffic congestion at this major intersection, as well as provide for multi-modal solutions.

Maintenance of public roads within the county are the responsibility of the Virginia Department of Transportation, a state agency. The study will not address these issues.

See the answer to this question and more, here.

See this helpful explanation and tool to see how the FAR of a site can affect how a building looks and functions.

A Community Business Center (or CBC) is a Comprehensive Plan policy designation that encourages development with a mix of uses focused around a core area of higher intensity, such as a town center or main-street in a pedestrian-oriented setting. CBCs are typically planned for historically older community-serving commercial areas that have emerged along major roadways.

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