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Site-Specific Plan Amendment Process - Nomination Eligibility

A nominator may submit only one nomination for the specific land area that he or she proposes for consideration in the SSPA process. This land area may consist of one or many parcels. Nominators should look for a logical planning area, i.e., the land area that could reasonably be planned for the type of use and intensity or density being proposed. The nominator should choose a land area that reflects sound land use planning principles and avoids spot planning (replanning individual properties in a way that is inconsistent with the surrounding area). 

There are limitations on what properties can be proposed for a Comprehensive Plan change. The following criteria describe the types of proposals that cannot be submitted for the SSPA process:

  • Land areas that are the subject of any pending Plan amendment or special studies.
  • Any land area that was included in any Plan amendment that was adopted since September 5, 2015.
  • Changes to the Policy Plan volume of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Amendments affecting countywide systems, such as the countywide transportation network, the countywide trails system, the Bicycle Master Plan, parks and public facilities.
For questions regarding eligibility, contact the Planner of the Day - Planning Division at (703) 324-1380.
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