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Leanna O'Donnell,

Public Facilities Review - Research Applications

Online Research Tools

Three primary tools may be used to search information pertaining to 2232 applications:

  1. Zoning history can be viewed through LDS Net (Fairfax County Land Development System). 
  2. Parcel information is available through the Department of Tax Administration's Real Estate Assessment Information Site
  3. Other zoning, property, Chesapeake Bay, stormwater and planning information is available using the Department of Information Technology's Digital Map Viewer

Request and Review Existing Files

2232 files are not available in digital format. 

Paper files can be accessed as follows:

  1. Submit a request either by phone: (703) 324-1380 or email
  2. Confirm with staff when files will be available
  3. Schedule a time to visit the Planning Division office to review the files and request copies as needed 

Copying, Shipping or Faxing of Files

It is preferred that research be completed in our office.  However, copies can be mailed if absolutely necessary.  Payment is required in advance for the cost of copying and shipping materials. 

The Department of Planning and Development does not charge a fee for staff resources used in assisting with 2232 research.

Print and copying charges do apply:

  • $0.25 per letter sized reproduction
  • $5.00 per page for full sized plat reproduction 
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