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zMOD - Reviewing Use Definitions and Regulations

One of the main priorities of zMOD is to create more general zoning use categories that combine uses of similar impact into broad categories for consistency and ease of understanding and implementation. This shift will facilitate greater agility to reduce the need to make zoning updates to accommodate specific new uses. The land uses that are permitted in the various zoning districts will also be updated in an effort to adapt to changes in how people live and businesses operate.

The proposed structure contains seven broad use classifications:

  • Industrial
  • Public/Institutional/Community
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Residential
  • Accessory
  • Temporary

From October 2018 through the Summer of 2019, draft documents containing uses, use tables, standards, and definitions for each classification were posted below for public review.


Consolidated Uses

consolidated uses

Revised Consolidated Draft of Use Regulations (7/1/2019)



Industrial Examples

Zoning Ordinance Structure and Industrial Uses - DRAFT

Overview of Industrial Uses - Video

Industrial Uses Follow-Up


Public, Institutional, Community

Industrial Examples

Public, Institutional, and Community Uses - DRAFT

Overview of Public, Institutional, and Community Uses - Video


Agricultural and Commercial

agricultural & commercial

Agricultural and Commercial Uses - DRAFT

Overview of Agricultural and Commercial Uses - Video


Residential, Accessory and Temporary

residential, accessory, temporary uses

Residential, Accessory, and Temporary Uses - DRAFT

Overview of Residential, Accessory, and Temporary Uses

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