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Site-Specific Plan Amendment Process - Education and Frequently Asked Questions


This page contains a variety of "how to" tutorials such as "how do I find a tax map number"; fact sheets that explain commonly used planning concepts and terminology such as density and intensity. The content which appears on this page at the start of the 2017 North County Site-Specific Plan Amendment process will be expanded on an ongoing basis. If you have any comments or suggestions on the material presented here, or if you would like to see information presented on a topic that does not appear on this page, please feel free to send us an email and your feedback will be considered when new material is prepared.

Detailed information on the SSPA Process can be found on the full Guide to the SSPA.


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  • Visit the SSPA Home page for a map which shows the Supervisor Districts included in the current SSPA cycle.
  • View the Interactive Map, which allows the user to zoom to a specific parcel of land.  
  • Visit the SSPA Information Resources to see detailed information about each Supervisor District.

Visit the Participants page for information on who participates in this process.

Visit the Submit a Nomination page to get details on the form and where and how to submit a nomination.

The status of nominations may be reviewed on the Track a Nomination page.

The 2017 North County SSPA Process schedule can be viewed here.

SSPA Process Videos

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View the entire SSPA Process Video Playlist on the Fairfax County Government YouTube channel.